Child Asset Builder:

Giving the gift of love and prudence

Guaranteed insurability

College and emergency funding

A source of supplemental tax free income

Tax deferred accumulation

Leave a generational legacy

You can Leave a Legacy

All of us love our children and grandchildren, but we might not be around to guide them through the financial challenges. Why not leave a legacy of helping them get a head start on savings? Below is an example of what a Child Asset Builder could look like for your child or grandchild.

Parents & Grandparents

Navigating the complexities of caregiving

Many of you may find yourself in the same situation I have been in for 15 years, working through how to care for your aging parents or other relatives in a way that honors them, gives them as much independence as possible while keeping them safe, doesn’t harm your mental or physical health and doesn’t bankrupt everyone.

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Life Insurance should be a priority in your financial plan

If your budget is tight, term insurance may be the right solution for you. I urge you to face the facts and consider what would happen to your family if you died too soon without a plan in place.

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