Women’s Resource Center

Helping women choose life.

Board Member

Kathy has been a board member at the Women’s Resource Center since 2015, and has served three terms as Board President. 

Pregnancy Resources

They offer pregnancy testing, counceling, earn free baby supplies through their earn while you learn program, parents & partners program and referral program.

The Mission

Their mission is to uphold the sanctity of life while encouraging the physical, emotional, educational, and spiritual well-being of the whole person. Through collaborating with organizations that share similar values, they work to promote personal health, strong family units, and thriving communities. You can visit them at www.wrcgulfport.org.

every life matters

Their goal is to help mothers facing an unplanned pregnancy make a positive choice for Life.

FREE Child Asset Builder

What if you could use the magic of compound interest for decades (i.e., a child policy), yet never pay taxes above basis because you take distributions as a loan?

It is not deemed as income, is not subject to required minimum distributions, and will not affect taxation on social security if in a life insurance policy. Death benefits are tax-free as well.

As a parent or grandparent, you can leave a legacy by using the magic of compound interest.