Adopt a Grandparent Day

September 11th

National Grandparents Day

Kathy Rogers founded Adopt A Grandparent Day in 2014 to recognize and honor the lives of the elderly in our society. Each year on the Saturday before National Grandparents Day, volunteers visit nursing homes across the southern six counties of Mississippi.


Approximately 20% of nursing home residents have major depression and an additional 30% have significant depressive symptoms.

The Mission

The mission of the organization is to send love and affection to the elderly who may feel lonely or isolated, and this mission is very close to Kathy’s heart. She is co-founder of the organization and serves as Board of Directors President. To learn more about Adopt a Grandparent Day and how you can get involved, visit or find Adopt A Grandparent Day on Facebook.

every life matters

In 2014 my husband and I formed Adopt a Grandparent Day. If you would invest your time and spend some time with us on Adopt a Grandparent Day you would find that they have so much to give and so much to offer.